Webkinz, or why I can’t get on my own PC at home

I am hardly the first person I know to blog about Webkinz, but I have been watching this grow into a craze over the last few months, with my son (23 Webkinz and counting) and his friends turned into Webkinz crazies.

Being a moderately heavy Second Life user myself, it’s great to see virtual worlds being made plain– and safe– for 9 year olds. Webkinz is a great mix of stuffed animals (always cute), virtual worlds, and tamagotchis. Safety? No text chat, just pre-fab phrases, though kids can play games against others online and invite friends to see their pets’ rooms. I’m comfortable with that. Here is one of my son’s rooms:Webkinz

Of course, there is the matter of limiting computer time… plus, anyone want a couple-thousand lightly-used Yu-Gi-Oh! cards?

btw– the Tamagotchi Web site has “Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan as “celebrity connections.” Ok, then….

UPDATE: I am flattered by the traffic to this post. Visitors, don’t be shy– give me your thoughts on Webkinz or anything in comments below!

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  1. I’ve got the same problem, with two kids fighting each other to get on. I’ve had to give them each 15 minute slots, usually in that period of time between when we get home and when dinner is (finally) ready.

    They also manage to hit a few of the other sites, like Lego.com.

    Of course, they also have to deal with their sister behind them screaming “I want ‘puter… ELMO!”

  2. I try to shunt my son off to the backup computer, an old beater laptop, but as I referenced on Twitter last night, he and his friends laugh at the old machine as if it were a slide rule.

  3. tslay

    i have just recieved 10 webkinz for my b-day they are all bull frogs i will give u a code if u add tslay as a friend and give me 1 rare item then ill send u the code HURRY im only giving out 5 of them THX cya

  4. Emily Fisher

    I personally have 5 webkinz, and am addicted! There is safe chat, and you can show off your house. IT ROCKS!!! I love it, but hey, I’m just a kid…(11 years old, serioulsy!)

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