Link Wray makes my day (plus Pete Townshend’s blog)

While I often listen to podcasts during my workouts, I definitely just tune in some of my music part of the time, and I put a random mix of tunes on my MP3 player so I don’t know what I’m gonna get. Sometimes, this really makes me smile.

Today, it was hearing Link Wray and his Wray-men doing a live version of “Jack the Ripper.” According to my notes it was from 1961, meaning the feedback he used in the performance pre-dates stuff we heard from Pete Townshend of the Who by a few years. Wray was definitely an influence.

Speaking of Townshend (who name-checked Link Wray in the recent Who song “Mirror Door”); I have been following his site/blog/diary since 2001 at least, and it appears he has changed up his main site— now he is blogging preview chapters of his upcoming book– very engrossing stuff from a “rock dinosaur” who really gets the social media thing.

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