I won’t read your links of the day

I vow never to have a “links of the day” post. Why? When I do read such links, I am frequently rewarded. However, I rarely click on such posts, because generally the title of the post is “Today’s links” maybe with the date– no info about what’s in the links.

The same is true of Podcasts. I subscribe to Chris Lydon’s Open Source, for example, but for a long time I rarely listened. Why? Because the episode descriptions that popped up in myPodder were generic show boilerplate, nothing about the show or the guests in that particular download (thankfully, that has changed).

I try to remember this as I label blog and podcasts– give a quick snapshot of what’s inside, or prepare to be passed over (by me, anyway).

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  1. I love using Delicious, but I’d never subject anyone to a paragraph of my links… Folks can just go in and check ’em out if they want to — and chances are, they don’t want to. ^_^

  2. Thanks Heath– and yes I resorted to Twitter-spamming an old post in my rant. A de.licio.us badge in the blog sidebar would work just fine.

    The irony is I rant about laziness– I am actually too lazy to set up mu own quality de.licio.us page

  3. Isn’t your rant about how people label and format del.icio.us links, not about collecting and re-posting them. Because I share your pet-peeve, I am very deliberate in how I describe links. Here’s an example that shows how it is clear what I’m linking to and what’s in each link…even why I’m linking to it, in some cases.


  4. Or, perhaps I’m reading your rant wrong. If you’re complaining about the way the title says ‘Links ‘o the day’ or whatever, that’s a del.icio.us “thingy” thing. It’s automated to post and that generic default subject line accompanies the post. If that’s your complaint, sign me up.

  5. Rex, You are right– it’s the lack of labeling in the title that kills me. I know it’;s automated– I think I did not when I originally wrote this post in March. I just find it useless when sorting through Google Reader feeds looking for the best posts to read.

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