Another loser gets his own blog-I mean, personal brand is king

I thought I was running behind the curve by re-establishing a personal blog after 2 years of contributing to Tech PR Gems (which I still do).

Turns out one of my social media buddies, Christopher Penn of Financial Aid Podcast (hardly a “loser”) has made a similar decision. I do think he has a head start on me for interesting content, but I will continue to distinguish myself (I hope) with clever post titles and pictures of obscure movie characters.

To agree with Chris, it is true that a professional blog (especially a group one) leaves many personal topics untouched. That’s why I’m here, with a push from Ed Lee— but what I am working on now is focusing what I write about here. I think things will shake out fairly quickly.

I should note that I heard about Chris’ new blog through Twitter posts–so maybe Twitter has some use for me— I stay tuned in for now.

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