Twitter adoption to burnout: Approximately 23 minutes

Reprinted from the Tech PR Gems blog:

Was fooling around with Twitter today, after a discussion at one of my regular haunts, the Thursday morning virtual “Coffee with crayon” in Second Life.

I had been signed up for while, courtesy of some friends from PodCamp, but decided to jump in for a day and see what it was like to use it.

Gee willikers, there is no way I can keep up– not on a browser anyway– plus, no way I’m going to tell people when I’m thinking about taking a shower, when I haven’t had enough caffeine, and when I’m goofing off. I have heard nice stories about the Twitter network coming to the rescue, but I just can’t imagine keeping up with this 24/7.

Too much information. Not giving up on it after one day, but sheesh.

But I will see if Gideon Television entertains me, as he does on his blog.

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  1. Brilliant how times have changed. I signed up for Twitter in March as well but didn’t use it until July.

    I thought it was the stupidest thing I’d ever heard of, now I’m so hooked you just might see me on an upcoming episode of “Intervention.”

    This is hilarious. ;)

  2. Dara Bell

    Is it not a cocktail party and sometimes you can get some great netoworking done at the party if you do not get too drunk, in this case platform drunk.

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