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Tut-tut, Sunglass Hut– bad customer service heads its ugly rear

Sunglasses– Leo ReynoldsI needed new sunglasses, because I’m an idiot and can’t find the nice pair I have worn for the last two years. So, I go to Sunglass Hut because I have a $20 coupon, buy a nice pair and off I go– until they break one week later.

I return them, no problem, but they don’t have any more of that model so I do a refund and new purchase but– they won’t refund or re-credit the coupon. Excuse me? I am supposed to forfeit a $20 coupon? So I say no thanks and later send a note to customer service. I wasn’t expecting anything,but I got an infuriating bot-response (no name on the note) stating the coupons are non-transferable.

Unfortunately for Sunglass Hut, my business is transferable. Thanks for the lesson in how not to keep your customers.

(Flickr photo by Leo Reynolds)

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9 Responses to Tut-tut, Sunglass Hut– bad customer service heads its ugly rear

  1. Queen of Spin says:


  2. doughaslam says:

    As I wrote, I have no idea of the gender (or species) of the CSR who emailed me, but the clerk at the Chestnut Hill kiosk was a polite young lady.

  3. SGH says:

    Coupons are not transferrable. You should read it next time before you use it. It says right on there, “NOT VALID WITH EXCHANGE OR RETURN”.

    We don’t want bitchy cheap ass customers like you anyway so take your business down to the knock off place on the corner.

    You’re probably the type of customer who breaks something and then blames it on the company. Oops I stepped on my glasses but it’s not my fault, you have to replace them, they’re defective.


  4. Doug Haslam says:

    I would have a great story if I thought you actually worked for SGH, and weren’t just a troll.

    Word of advice; if you are going to troll, be funny. Or at least clever. Thanks for playing.

  5. screena says:

    how wonderful!

  6. ghdhair says:

    the photo is very nice.thank you for your sharing.

  7. spacejams says:

    Enjoy reading this artical.Thank you man.

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