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Why the Hanson Brothers weren’t at the Oscars this year

Hanson BrothersThis year’s Oscars featured many luminaries, most of whom just sat in the audience looking good. But surely there were three empty seats, meant for the Hanson Brothers, supporting players and scene-stealers from the cinematic triumph “Slap Shot.”

The Brothers shared the ice with members of the Boston Bruins “Black and Gold Legends” team to benefit the Genesis Fund, an organization dedicated to the treatment of birth defects.

A worthy cause and an enjoyable day, though I had to explain to my 9-year-old son that it will be several years before I let him see his new bespectacled heroes in the film that made them famous.

Bucyk and McKenzieAnd to those of you at PodCamp Toronto this weekend; I may be missing the fun, but I saw some of the hockey-themed photos on the Flickr streams, and I don’t think any of you can beat Pie McKenzie, John Bucyk, Ken Hodge and the Hasnons. So eat your heart out.

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