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Stop Using “Humblebrag”

Stop Using "Humblebrag"

It has been a few years now, and people are still using the term “#humblebrag.” I have about had it. It’s not a word. The very use of this non-word shouts- no, SCREAMS – “I’m not really being humble and I want you all to bow down to how cool I am.” But you are … [Read more…]

“Serial” Does Not Portend a Podcasting Boom

"Serial" Does Not Portend a Podcasting Boom

“Serial,” a podcast from the producers of the public radio show “This American Life,” is a runaway hit. That’s awesome. What’s not awesome is the leap of logic people are taking that this means it’s a boom for all kinds of podcasting. It’s not. And here is why I feel that way. A DVR for … [Read more…]

Platform Shaming – No, It’s Not Twitter’s Fault

Platform Shaming - No, It's Not Twitter's Fault

In the marketing, PR and communications field, we (well, the smart ones at least) take great care to remember that what we do – and what happens – both good and bad, is rarely if ever the fault of the communications platform. Generally, the culprit our hero is sound communications strategy supported by a legitimately good … [Read more…]

Kim Kardashian Gives Better Social Media Advice Than You Do*

Kim Kardashian Gives Better Social Media Advice Than You Do*

One of the funnest spectator sports in social media marketing is tearing apart the advice of others. Add to that the constant hand-wringing over whether conference presenters should give “101” talks or “advanced” seminars brings the whole thing to the brink of becoming a spectator sport. Well, what if someone outside the marketing bubble gives advice, … [Read more…]

It’s the Next Little Thing, Not the Next Big Thing

It's the Next Little Thing, Not the Next Big Thing

I often get grumpy about “shiny object syndrome,” when people jump on some brand-new social network or tool and declare it the “Next Big Thing,” because – well who knows where the reasoning comes from much of the time. People want to be the first to jump on the next trend, but in doing so … [Read more…]

You Won’t Get Answers, But You Need Questions

You Won't Get Answers, But You Need Questions

I once used the phrase “(Social media ‘guru’ name here) is Not Smarter Than You” in a blog post as a way of encouraging folks to create their own content and get their own thoughts out there, rather than be intimidated by those whose credentials are largely made up of starting to blog before you … [Read more…]

My Ice Bucket Challenge Post- It’s Not What You Think

My Ice Bucket Challenge Post- It's Not What You Think

This week, I posted a simple question on Facebook: “Are you raising awareness or annoyance?” I didn’t say what this was referring to; I could have been talking about people using a celebrity’s death to promote a pet cause, or some other event that created my passive-aggressive query. My friends, however, are shrewd, and immediately … [Read more…]