My Top 5: Insta-Posting, Bot-tunes, Career Medi-ocracy, Cut-and-Paste THIS

Businesses Can Now Post Incessantly on Instagram This is not the most exciting story, but it is the most relevant to people operating social media accounts day-to-day; Instagram’s API now allows third-party tools like Sprout Social and Hootsuite to post directly to the platform. It has long been a frustration of social media managers who … [Read more…]

My Top 5: Zillow Goes to Hell, Meek(er) Rebuttal, Influencer Self-Policing, Kill Uber?

McMansion Hell, Zillow and Intellectual Property This past week, I have seen passionate posts online about the issue of the (very funny) McMansion Hell  site being served with a Cease & Desist (and threatened lawsuit) by Zillow over using images without permission. First things, first-  Zillow dropped the threats in exchange for MMH’s agreement to…well, … [Read more…]

My Top 5: Disclosure Moves Forward, Thanks to Instagram and More…

Instagram Wants You to Label Your Garbage (well, Your Sponsored Posts) What would it take for me to dust off my blog after some well earned rest (aka “neglect”)? Some good news from the world of social media disclosure, of course! Instagram is introducing “sponsored post” labels. To someone who has often harped on the lack of … [Read more…]

Social Media Top 5: Politics on Facebook, LinkedIn Advertising & Cheap Tablets Are All Great

UPDATE: I had originally planned to write thoughts on how our new President’s use of Twitter as his outlet for kneejerk infantile rage showed both the possibilities and extreme downside to the platform (that I still use, by the way), but I’ll just let this story about some of the National Parks and NASA accounts doing … [Read more…]